In recent years, especially since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, many entrepreneurs have been given the opportunity to work outside their place of residence, because they are no longer tied to offices, so teleworking has taken precedence in the business world. This is especially reflected in freelance workers, who now have the opportunity to dislocate their jobs.

In Serbia, especially in Belgrade, the IT industry has developed significantly in recent years, and it is visited by a large number of remote workers, who use the benefits of this system.

The monthly income rate for workers in Serbia is extremely low compared to the countries of Western Europe, the region and Russia.

If you want to come to Serbia and open your own company, relocate your business, you need to take the following steps:

– After arrival, report to the competent authority within 24 hours, because it is a prerequisite for obtaining a regular stay.

– Find an apartment, and conclude a contract with its owner, which will be the basis for obtaining a stay of up to 90 days.

– Open a bank account, which allows the opening of non-resident accounts to foreign nationals.

– Establish a company in the form of an entrepreneurial wound or a limited liability company, depending on the needs of the business, and on the basis of which it is possible to provide a stay of up to one year.

– During the work of the company, it is necessary to hire an accountant – tax advisor and lawyer so that all transactions are done in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

For all actions upon arrival in Serbia, it is possible to provide support in the form of company registration, providing support in finding a hotel or apartment, or buying an apartment or house, further uninterrupted work, whether you stay in Serbia permanently or occasionally, and all banking transactions.

It is important when registering your business in Serbia whether the company will provide services on the market of the Republic of Serbia or the whole world, as well as the planned business revenues. It is also important for determining the tax category in which the company will be, and whether it will be a value added tax payer or not. Depending on the plans, you will be given advice on which form of company organization is most practical for your work.

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